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The spindles that you choose for your staircase can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home. Spindles are the vertical struts that connect the handrail to the baserail of your staircase. They are most commonly made using wood and can be turned into many shapes and designs – both contemporary and traditional. More recently other materials have started to be used, such as metal and glass.

Whether you are looking for expertly turned, classic pine stair spindles that add a unique twist to a traditional style or a more intricate, double reeded design available in a range of timbers – Cheshire Mouldings have it covered, and everything else in-between.


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The ranges above show examples of:

Classic Staircase
Expertly turned spindles created in the highest quality pine offering a traditional feel with a contemporary twist.

Blank Spindles
If you are looking for simplistic elegance then the Benchmark squared blank spindles could be exactly what you are looking for. These emphasise the quality of our timber selection and are available in hemlock, oak or pine.

Double Reeded
Two symmetrical, recessed lines on each side of these spindles that are available in hemlock, oak or pine provide extra character that can lift any staircase.

Combining both squared and fluted features these create a unique look and fully utilises the quality of our timber selection. The Latvian Benchmark collection is available in hemlock, oak, pine and white primed.

London Stair Spindles
These carefully turned spindles will add extra character to any staircase. The intricate design is a traditional style and available in both hemlock and pine.

Stop Chamfered
The simple design of these combine traditional woodturning skills with contemporary style and are available in pine, hemlock, oak and as white primed spindles.

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