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Internal Fire Doors

Oak internal fire doors are designed to help reduce the spread of fire and smoke in the case that a fire was to break out in your home, whilst maintaining the same style as the non-fire version. They are becoming more popular today as health and safety becomes a priority in many people’s lives.

Internal oak fire doors share the same style as their regular version except that they have a 44mm thickness instead of 35mm. Fire door versions are available in the Cheshire, Abbotsfield, Modernus and Shaker range – except the glazed versions.

Internal fire doors play a fundamental role in fire safety, as they can block the spread of fire and smoke for a limited amount of time while they are closed, yet can also be used to mark fire exits so that you can ensure that you will be protected in any scenario you may find yourself in.

Cheshire Mouldings’ internal fire doors are all created to provide a fire safe environment as well as keeping the decorative process at the forefront of their design. They keep your personal needs in mind so that you can be sure you will find the perfect internal fire door for your property to save yourself and your belongings, while never compromising on style. All of our internal fire doors are delivered unfinished which means that you can then paint them or varnish them so that they fit into your home’s style easily.

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