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Laminated Pine Boards

Pineboard can be used throughout the home to provide extra character and add further detail. Whether you are looking build shelves, cupboards or even improve the look of a windowsill, whitewood pineboard is an excellent option.

Here at Cheshire Mouldings, pineboard is available in a range of sizes, from 850 x 200 x 18 to 2350 x 600 x 18. pineboard can easily be stained, varnished or painted to suit your individual taste and current décor.

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Pine boards are one the most versatile and popular joinery products throughout the Cheshire Mouldings website. We have a wide range of pineboards available which are already cut to size for your conveninece to be used for whatever DIY project you’ve got on the go. All of our timberboards are sanded for your convenience and are ready to use – you can also finish them off however you like using varnish, wax, stain, paint or a lacquer – the choice is yours.

What makes pine boards so popular?

Pine boards are favourite for joiners and DIYers as they are already cut to size for you, made of quality pine and the laminate strips reduce the risk of cupping – letting you get on with what’s important. Our range of laminated pineboards are also very easy to drill, cut, sand, mill and screw.

Some ideas of what can be done with pine boards:

  • Making a cupboard
  • Wardrobe doors
  • Shelving
  • Using as cover
  • Creating furniture
  • Furniture panels
  • Boarding up
  • Creation of simple timber toys

Used Cheshire Mouldings Pine board? Why not send us a snapshop of your work and you may get featured on our inspirations blog! 

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