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New Trend Alert! The Clean-Cut Turned Spindle

New Trend Alert! The Clean-Cut Turned Spindle

There was once a time when we yearned for the most complexly cut turned spindles, with their intricately shaped forms mirroring our enthusiasm for interior design trends that have echoes of the past.

But now there’s a growing demand for turned spindles with more simple, understated designs. Those with a love of the contemporary are turning their backs on the traditional Victorian-esque turned spindle and are opting for a spindle with cleaner lines, that still makes a statement, but isn’t over the top.

These ‘new style’ spindles fit seamlessly into any setting. They don’t require you to stick to a particular theme and can be easily blended into both modern and traditional settings. So even if you want to give your home a fresher look down the line, you don’t have to worry about remodelling your staircase.


So what do we mean when we talk about clean-cut turned spindles? Well it’s all about keeping things simple. Putting in slight embellishments to create a stylish finish, without going too wild.

There are a number of different ranges available which match this criteria, including:

Quays Range

Benchmark Quays

The Quays Range sums-up ‘beauty in simplicity’ perfectly. Its spindles have a smooth flowing finish that provides a chic look without overwhelming the room.

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Pin Top

Pin Top Staircase Main Image

The Pin Top spindle is available in a quality oak timber and is extremely versatile. It cuts a striking figure with its crisp clean lines, offering that extra special something but remaining understated.

To finish off the look you can also team your Pin Top spindles with matching newel posts, ensuring you have a fantastic looking staircase from top to bottom.

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If you’re not quite ready to turn your back on the more traditional style of turned spindle just yet, why not check out the Turned range? Its spindles are clean-cut, but still have traditional elements such as beads and coves.

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Our Plan Your Stairs app allows you to design your staircase online. Mix and match your spindles, newel posts and rails to create the perfect contemporary staircase for you!

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