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Oak Panel Doors

Oak panel doors are a perfect addition to the styling of any room in your home and an integral part of the design of a home depending on what kind of style you choose, how many panels and whether the panels are glazed.

Panelled oak internal doors have become one of the most popular design for doors. You could also go for a more modern style of two or three larger panels down the middle of the door. All of this should come into consideration when you are searching for a type of oak panel door to fit in with your home.

The design of oak panel doors has changed over time as their designs have become more intricate and eye-catching, specifically when they found themselves featured in Georgian homes to attract guest’s attention, usually as four panel oak internal doors but also including up to six panels glazed and non-glazed.
Since then they have changed to include more, or less, panels, or to change the panels to include glass to create a different aesthetic effect. Changing your doors can have a bigger effect on the interior of your home than you would realise, which is why it’s important to make sure that you find a panel door that perfectly fits the kind of décor that you can find in your home. Oak panel doors are also very useful for ensuring that there is a source of noise blocking from within your home, as well as making sure that you won’t be losing any heat throughout each room.

The oak panel doors that you will find supplied by Cheshire Mouldings are all made with your needs in mind, ensuring that you always have perfectly designed doors to fit into your home. Our panel doors are delivered unfinished or pre finished depending on your needs.

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