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Interior Oak doors can easily enhance the design of any room. At Cheshire Mouldings we have 4 ranges to choose from which are designed to suit any taste and purpose.

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Internal Oak doors are extremely popular choices for many, and it is easy to understand why. Their light colouration, high quality and strong finish and eye-catching grained detail make them the first choice for many people searching for internal doors in the UK yearly, especially when compared to Pine and MDF doors.

We’ve got four ranges of Oak doors which are the Cheshire, Modernus, Abbotsfield and the Shaker style to cater for any taste. We’ve also got glazed, panelled and full boarded versions to cater for everyone.

All of Cheshire Mouldings’ Oak doors are made Genuine A-Grade American White Oak veneer, lipping and mouldings; the doors are have Engineered construction for strength, consistency, and stability. We can also offer our Oak doors in pre-finished Oak so you can get your project finished quickly!

Interior Oak doors have developed over time from being simple doors that help to keep cottages up to becoming intricate designs integral to the style of any home. Internal Oak doors add a touch of class to any room and became most popular within the Georgian period when the panelled doors would have been designed impressively for the ‘public’ areas of the house. Since then, they have remained popular within Victorian styled homes and even more modern homes.

Adding interior Oak doors can make the biggest different to your home’s interior as they can easily complement your furnishings and change your domestic space completely, as well as offering simple solutions for noise transfer and heat loss.

All of the internal Oak doors that are supplied by Cheshire Mouldings are perfectly crafted with engineered Oak to ensure that you have a perfect addition to your home, and are delivered unfinished or pre finished depending on your needs.

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