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Stair Parts

Here at Cheshire Mouldings we provide only the best stair parts including, banisters, balustrades, spindles and more. Offering a variety of materials including pine, hemlock, white prime and oak the classic and contemporary designs are perfect for any project.

When looking at upgrading your stairs there is a lot to consider and it isn’t as easy as it sounds. As there are so many different styles and variations of stair parts, there is a lot of thought and planning involved in every individual staircase design and it is easy to get confused about what part is supposed to go where.

Here is a list of stair parts and where they should go on your staircase.

  • Half Newel Post – This is the large post which fits against the wall on the landing
  • Landing return – this is the flat area of flooring usually at a right angle to the top of the staircase
  • Spindle/ Baluster – this is the vertical post between the baserail and handrail, we offer 32mm, 41mm and 55mm spindles.
  • Baserail – parallel to the handrail at the base of the spindles
  • Handrail – Runs diagonally with the pitch of the stairs at the top of the spindles
  • Newel Cap – a cap that sits on top of the newel posts
  • Newel posts – this is the structural post at the bottom and top of the stairs which supports the handrail.
  • Tread- the top or horizontal surface of a step
  • Riser – this is the vertical part of a step

However, if you’re still unsure, why not speak to one of our experts, phone us on 0800 085 3465. To help you even further we have also created a tool which can help you plan your stairs and all its parts.

 All sizes within this website are approximate.

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