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Handrails for Stairs

Stair handrails can be the main attraction when it comes to a staircase. With available timbers including hemlock, oak, pine and white primed, Cheshire Mouldings have everything you could ever want and desire. In addition to various designs and timbers, we also have a range of Wall Mounted Handrails, which are also available in a range of timbers. Stair handrails need to be sturdy and strong to be able to add style and substance, the handrail goes above spindles which in turn attach to the baserail – some users have mixed and matched the materials used with handrails, spindles and base rails for a truly unique look.

All handrails are available in a range of lengths and are therefore suited to any size staircase. If you’re struggling to figure out what’s best for your project please get in touch or call us on 0800 085 3465

View the different ranges of handrails below. For more information on the type of handrails we offer, visit our inspiration page – Types Of Handrails for Stairs.

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