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5 Benefits Of Grey Wooden furnishings

5 Benefits Of Grey Wooden furnishings

Grey (that is a mix of black and white rather than the addition of any other colours) is a classic colour for your interiors and has become increasingly more popular over the years. Often looked upon as the go-to neutral colour for homes, it’s the sophisticated and elegant choice for modern interiors. Even though grey has its detractors as one of the less creative colours but at Cheshire Mouldings, we think it’s great. So, here are our top 5 benefits of using grey for your wooden furnishings.

From Joinery To Stairs To Doors, Here Are Our Reasons To Use Grey

1. Grey Highlights Your Other Colours

Grey is a fantastic colour to add as a backdrop in your main spaces like the living or dining room. This is because it allows your other colours and elements to shine in contrast. Grey is a versatile colour that goes with most other blends. Indeed, this means your bright and vibrant colours like yellow, orange and greens will shine in comparison to your finishes.

2. If You Want Sophistication, Grey Is Your Choice

From Mouldings to Wooden Stair Cases, adding a grey finish to your furnishings adds a touch of elegance to your home. This is especially true when using wood as the texture enhances the relaxing and current mood of a space by bringing out the grey tones. Letting grey take centre stage in your home mixed with wooden fittings allows you to elevate your interior that much higher. Imagine how you can build your contemporary home into a cosy location with grey accents.

3. It Adds An Important Texture To Your Home

If your house has a lot of natural materials, it’s key to use grey to highlight the beauty of these such as our Reflections Stair example. Using a dark grey pallet will create texture and contrast in your interiors if you’re using other wooden finishings left to their natural colour. Organic wood alongside painted grey is a classic combination and lends a calming effect as well as headlining a rustic feel in your home. These textured layers are key to making sure your home doesn’t feel flat or hollow but warm and welcoming instead.

Throw in some house plants and soulful pictures to finish this look.

4. Grey Is Ideal For Your Stairs

If you have exposed stairs in your house, they’ll easily become a focal point, drawing attention to your guests. Pairing our classic Benchmark Stop Chamfered range with a mid-grey finish is ideal for creating a clean and sophisticated feel. As shown below, using grey to paint your Bespoke Stairs infuses maturity into a home. Mix in neutral colours like white to highlight spindles and other such components. Using an accent wall is a great idea too. There you can hang photos and pictures to brighten the mood in that area.

Adding a top coat of grey to your Benchmark Turned Staircase will allow your classically styled features to shine. When you have a traditional staircase in mind, it’s in your best interest to ensure the stairs stand out as they should. A complete grey finish is a useful touch, especially when contrasting to white or light coloured walls.

5. Grey Works In All Seasons

We mentioned that grey is a versatile colour for your finishings and that is true all year round. In the winter months, a grey interior is excellent for a homely feel in the colder, darker days with a cosy feel. You can fully achieve this with a selection of chunky knits, cushions and faux fur throws in complimenting shades to make a space you’ll want to settle down in.

For summer, grey is ideal for bringing out the sunny feelings in your home. As discussed, you’ll want to highlight your natural, bright colours in summer and grey is the perfect contrast. Include your statement pieces when entertaining and you’ll have a brilliant space for friends and family.

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