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Infographic: Safeguarding Your Stairs

Infographic: Safeguarding Your Stairs

Being a parent is never easy. From the moment that your child learns to toddle they are constantly up and about, exploring the exciting new world around them. You want to keep them safe at all costs, and yet the home offers all kinds of hazards that need to be protected against. Amongst these includes covering up plug sockets to protect their fingers, lockable cupboards for hazardous materials and, of course, safeguarding your stairs.

There are some terrifying statistics gathered by Accident and Emergency departments about child accidents. Almost 40% of all accidents to children, under the age of five, are a direct result of falling when running, walking, or going down stairs. Of these, a huge 76% of children who fall downstairs result in having head injuries. These statistics are shocking and can make any parent want to make a change to their staircases in order to protect their little ones. It is the natural thing to do.


What options are there available for parents who want to keep crying and knee abrasions to a minimum on the journey between floors? There are several ways for safeguarding your stairs, ranging from preventative measures to methods of increasing the autonomy of your child.

A traditional stair gate is one such example. Stair gates can be installed at the top of stairs to prevent dangerous falls, or installed at the bottom to discourage enthusiastic explorers.

These can either be attached to the wall, as wall mounted stair gates, or fitted with adjustable screws between the wall and newel post.

Other alternatives for safeguarding your stairs include giving a bit of extra support to little ones who need a helping hand. It can be as simple as holding their hand as they go up and down stairs. Alternatively, as a more permanent solution, to help children gain their own independence, is having a second handrail installed at a lower level. This will encourage young children to gain their own personal autonomy.


The infographic below shares various different methods of safeguarding your stairs in order to protect tiny people from avoidable mishaps.

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