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Stair Ideas : A Guide To Mixing Stair Parts

Stair Ideas : A Guide To Mixing Stair Parts

Ensuring that your staircase fits in with the rest of the aesthetic and feel of your abode is important, it ensures that your house is truly your home. One amazing trend to come out of the past few years shows that it is growing ever more popular to mix and match stair parts in order to create unique features to stand in the centre of your home. These are truly fantastic and unique stair ideas that can make your home stand out from everyone else’s.

Stair ideas are not hard to come by. With such a wide variety of products available in order to customise staircases it is no wonder that these ideas have sparked the minds of the adoring public. Mixing stair parts can create a unique set of stairs, ranging in mixtures of materials, styles, and textures in order to create a fantastic looking staircase. This changes what the staircase fundamentally is, transforming it from simply a way of traversing floors to a form of sculpture. These are stair ideas to make a difference.


Mixing woods is the simplest and most effective way of switching up a staircase. Using a mixture of woods can lend itself to different textures, different shades and tones within the grain itself, and ultimately a completely different staircase from everyone else’s.

Having spindles that are one colour and a handrail that is another can be used to different effects depending on the lighting and feel of a room. It can be used to complement and blend in with the surroundings by using woods darker than the surrounding area. Alternatively, using lighter woods creates a completely different aesthetic effect. It can bring the staircase out, having it become more of a feature in its own right.


For a completely unique set of stairs chrome can be used in order to raise or heighten certain areas of the staircase. These could be the spindles, the newel cap, or even the ends of the handrails. Not only does chrome attract the light, but it also adds strength and adds durability to the staircase, the like of which is unique to the shine of chrome.

The popularity of chrome speaks for itself. Over the past few years chrome has been a popular addition to staircases due to the fact that it instantly modernises a space.


Axxys-Clarity-Main-ShotIn order to create lighter rooms and allow for light to flow around rooms as much as possible there has been a boost in glass, such as the Axxys® range. Glass has become a popular replacement to the traditional spindle in the centre of the balustrade.

Glass is a wonderful material to work with as it instantly complements the wood, allowing for a truly contemporary staircase. Glass instantly gives any stair ideas a touch of class and character, allowing a staircase to swiftly become the centre of discussion at any party.


What makes a house is making it truly your own. Staircases are often seen as basic products but they are highly customisable to the point of having them exactly how you want them.  To plan your perfect staircase make sure you check out our planner.  See your stair ideas come to life.

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