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There are many types of stairs that are used in construction, however, in terms of residential construction; there are six main types that are commonly used. The most popular types are covered below to ensure that you make the right decision for your home.

Straight stair

Straight run stairs are most commonly used in new homes. As the name would suggest, straight run stairs have no turns and therefore they are cheaper than other types of stairs to construct.

“L” Stair

“L” Stairs are commonly seen in a backwards L shape and are used when space is not available for a straight run staircase. Another characteristic of the L stair is a landing that is present at some point in the staircase. The landing can sometimes be positioned near the top or the bottom of the staircase and in this case, the staircase can be categorised as “Long L” stairs.

Double “L” Stair

As you would expect, double “L” Stairs require two 90-degree turns along the staircase compared to one, which would be classed as an “L” Stair. When compared to other types of stairs, this staircase design is not regularly used residential construction but is most common when there is lack of space for other designs.

“U” Stair

If you have a big enough space for your staircase, you may look at constructing a “U” stair. You can have either wide or narrow “U” stairs with the difference being the gap between the two flights. Wide “U” stairs have a significant well hole between whereas narrow “U” stairs have barely any space between the two flights.

Curved Stair

A curved staircase is different to that of a spiral stair as the shape follows that of a circle and therefore has a constant radius. A curved staircase can make a great statement piece in your home.

Spiral Stair

The popularity of a spiral stair is growing due to the availability of parts being manufactured. A spiral stair can be used when there is only small space available and are most commonly made from steel. It is important to note that a characteristic of a spiral staircase is wider steps and therefore is generally considered the least safe.


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