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Choosing New Staircases For Existing Builds

Choosing New Staircases For Existing Builds


Moving home is a mammoth task. From sorting out movers to ensuring stamp duty is paid, the physical act of moving can be incredibly stressful. If the property is a new build this is hard enough; however, old buildings throw up all kinds of additional problems. Is the plumbing decent? Are the plugs wired correctly? Do you use varnish or polish on the beams? And finally, will you need to install a new staircase or new staircases, if you have more than one?

If the answer is yes to the last point then you have come to the right place. Whether a build is new or old you may at some point need a new balustrade, bannister, newel post or a new set of spindles.

Stairs have a very important function, to traverse floors, and yet beyond that they are something else. A staircase is a feature, a well sculpted structure, designed to make a house into a home. This makes choosing the right stair parts vital, from pillar to newel post, bannister to balustrade.

It is very important to remember that if you only have one staircase in your home then, whilst a new balustrade, bannister, or handrail is being installed to be careful when accessing the stairs.


There are all kinds of materials available when talking about new staircases in terms of ensuring that the balustrade fits in with the aesthetics of an old build. Pine and oak, for instance, have a timeless light wood effect. They can blend seamlessly into any environment, and are open to paint, varnish, and all kinds of other finishes.

For a darker environment, a balustrade offers a similar feel to mahogany. It is from the same family and offers the same kind of finish. It is easy to cover, making it diverse and useful in terms of blending in to an existing dark wood aesthetic. Hemlock is a slightly lighter wood than sapele but darker than oak and pine.

Choosing matching spindles or newel posts are recommended as it adds a consistent aesthetic to the staircase. Choosing the right spindles or newel posts however can add to the right kind of aesthetic. Where as the darker woods work incredibly well for an old build, lighter woods tend to be thought of as more contemporary. Light wood is also a popular choice for the traditional cottage or farm house, and dark woods in some modern builds. It all depends on the environment and feel of the desired location.


When it comes down to bannisters, balustrades, spindles and newel posts there are a few things that are key to consider. A closed staircase can also close off light, where as open spindles (or even glass) can help brighten a room up. It is important to think about the structure of the balustrade when designing your stairs as any bends or turns in the staircase could also limit light.

Deciding upon the location of a staircase is also important as it could, once again, quite easily block light or, in a worst case scenario, access.


If you have a new staircases project in the future then please feel free to try it out configuring your stair parts on our stair planner app. For more information then please browse our stair parts collection.

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